Add more themes to Warp terminal

More colors!!!
We need MORE colors!!!

I love Warp terminal, a modern terminal app on macOS. iTerm is my previous love, but the simplicity of Warp makes me switch. Although Warp comes with 18 default themes, those color schemes we also love aren’t included.

Warp in rose pine theme
Does your Warp have Rose pine?

In Warp’s documentation, Warp has theme creator feature. We can import image into it and it’ll generate a new theme based on it. But I found a really cool repository, which include a lot of color schemes.
We can simply import themes from this repo, so we don’t need to create ourselves.

Clone files from the repo.

$ git clone

After all files has been cloned, change current directory to the home directory. We can put these config files into the hidden .warp folder.

$ cd ~/.warp/

Then we need to make a new folder called themes.

$ mkdir themes

We can use CLI to move those config files. But I’ll use finder to move them this time. We can open finder in CLI use open command. Use commands below to open the themes folder in .warp

$ open .

Back to the folder we clone from the remote repo. Use the open command we mentioned aboves. Move those files to the .warp/themes folder.

Warp theme picker
Warp theme picker

Finally, open the theme picker in the Warp terminal. You’ll see new themes. Enjoy.

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