Ray Yuan Liu

Android developer at WeMo Scooter

Ray started Android application development in 2014. He loves to build tools to make life easier (and maybe lazier) and he has already published two apps on the Google Play Store. As a reading man, one of these apps is searching for books and find out whether there is an ebook available. This ebook search helper even supports the instant app feature that makes it done its jobs without installing the whole app. The other app designed in a lovely doodle style can help people to figure out coffee shops nearby.

He is always interested in technology involving and keeps learning new stuff, which is not limited to things related to Android. For example, He has some Unity Engine projects, which are VR games on the Google Daydream platform and WebGL games like this one, release on GitHub only.
Building products are quite fascinating to him, and there will be more to come.

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